“I have to keep giving props to CultureALL DEI Planning because they have really shown the way in getting us established.”

Lincoln Savings Bank Manager

“The staff at CultureALL DEI Planning is not there to judge in any way, but to really jumpstart your own thinking and help guide you to where you want to be, not where they think you should be. Each individual team member at the bank has different life experiences that shape the way they view diversity, equity, and inclusion, so a personalized training like this really has the potential to greatly benefit all team members as well as the bank as a whole."

Bankers Trust Leader

“I found the experience in working with CultureALL DEI Planning to be very eye opening and powerful. Having the opportunity to work with someone one-on-one, in a confidential and safe space, to review my personal survey results allowed me to dig deeper into my own knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion. Leaving those conversations with an intentional and customized action plan designed for me has already proven incredibly valuable as I continue to personally grow and develop from a DEI perspective.”

Bankers Trust Executive